The Page of Narcissism

Oh, hey. 😉 Thanks for stopping by. You look great.


Here is a picture of a cloud. It is here to represent what you will not be seeing on this blog – someone taking themselves too seriously!

My name is Brigitte, my name derives from my mother’s cover-exotic dancer name she had in the 1980’s (yes, that is the true. For your information, after I was born, she changed it to “cash”). I like to tell people that my life in a nutshell would be the “thanks for participating” ribbons they give you in elementary school after track day. One – because I wouldn’t get a gold ribbon for anything I spend time doing (drawing, singing, acting, writing, etc) but I still participate a lot… maybe too much… Two – because the only athletic award I ever received were those little TFP ribbons and I hung those little babies up on my wall like they were an oil painting of John Travolta naked.

So, like the ribbons, I’m going to put some stuff up on the mother of bedroom walls that is the internet and hope that others will laugh… and maybe get a little turned on. INSERT:


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